Thursday, 10 April 2008

Our answer to Novosibirsk

Streets' names
1. Stephan Permski Street
Stephan Permski was born approximately in 1330s- 1340s in Veliki Ustug. In 1365 he entered St. Georgy's monastery in Rostov. In 1372 he created the first perm alphabet and translated religious books. In 1380 Stephan founded Ust-Vym monastery on the river Vychegda. He died in 1396 in Moscow.
Stephan Permski brought Christianity to komi people.
2. Sukhanovoy Street
Agnia Sukhanova was born on the 23d of January 1884 in the village Vomyn in Kortkerosski district. Since 1915 till 1920 she tought in Kortkerosskaya school. She wrote articles on education in komi newspapers.She wrote plays in komi language for children. She made much for national theatre.
Sne died in September 1925 in Moscow.
3. Lebedev Street

Mikhail Lebedev was born in 1877 in the village of Mezhador. He studied in Syktyvkar. After that he worked as a clerk in Kortkeros. He spent all his life here in Kortkeros.
He began writing novels when he was 13 years old. During his life he wrote a lot of poems, novels and plays.
There are poems about persons from komi legends: «Kort Aika» (Iron Man)‏
«Yag Mort» (Forest Man)‏
M.Lebedev was the first komi poet who was given a medal for his work.

A ballet "Yag Mort" ("A Forest Man")

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These are great photos and comments on Komi issues and history. Thank you for sharing them.

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