Sunday, 20 April 2008

Ohio, the USA

We live in Woodsfield, OH. During the summer we normally wear shorts and t-shirts or tank tops. We also wear summer clothes that have light colors like pastels. During the winter we normally wear heavier clothes because of the cold weather. The colors we normally wear during the winter are blues, whites, black, and gray. During the fall we wear sweaters and jeans because it is the season before winter and it’s starting to get cold. The colors we normally wear during the fall are orange, red, brown, and green. The clothes we wear during the spring are light dresses (for girls), or Capri’s and t-shirts. The colors we normally wear during the spring are floral patterns, pinks, blues, and other light colors. We have a variety of materials that we use in our clothes. Such as cotton, polyester, silk, and many other materials. The traditional clothes for a funeral are suits for guys, or skirts and a nice shirt for girls. The color we normally wear for a funeral is black or gray because it shows that you are in mourning for them. The clothes we normally wear for a wedding depends on what time of the year it is. If it’s in the summer we normally wear dresses for girls and suits or nice pants for guys. If its in the winter and fall then sweaters and nice dress pants for girls and suits for guys. The colors we normally wear for a wedding also depends on the time of the year. If it were in the summer the colors would be pink, green, blue, etc.. If it is in the fall or winter the colors would be blue, white, green, orange, brown, etc.. The traditional clothes we wear to church are dresses and skirts for girls and suits or dress pants and a nice shirt are the regular clothes we wear to church. The traditional clothes we wear to school are jeans and t-shirts it is very casual at school. We wear these clothes for different clothes occasions because those different occasions have a different style and for some you have to be dressed up and others you don’t. The clothes have many different shapes and sizes.

Chelsea Hupp
Hi I’m from Woodsfield, Ohio in the U.S.A. In the winter we can have snowstorms, and they can cause wrecks and no school; sometimes we have floods in Cameron but none in Woodsfield. The climate, in the winter it can be cold, in the summer it is hot. In the fall it starts to get cool. An activity in the fall is football. The cheerleaders wear a skirt and a top that has the name of the team, “REDS”, in our school colors red and black. If it’s cold they will wear cheer pants and a black long sleeve shirt with the same uniform top.
Most boys play this sport and the girls do cheerleading to support the boys. The players have to wear pads to protect their shoulders. In the summer we swim.

Alison Sloan April 14, 2008
History Learning Circle Project
These are some details about houses in Woodsfield, Ohio. Our houses are made from concrete, vinyl siding, wood, and sometimes bricks. There are a few different kinds of houses where we live, trailors, which are mobile homes you can move wherever you want, one story homes with no stairs, and two-story homes which have stairs in them to lead to a different story of the home. We have big backyards because we live in a small town and there are not many houses around. There are also basements under the mail part of the house. Our houses can be on the ground because we don’t have floods where we live, because Woodsfield is on top of a hill. There are also studs in our walls, which hold the house up, brick is also a good material to help hold the house up too. Because, if there was a bad storm high winds it would be better than just having wood, or vinyl siding. The material the house is built out of could cave in, if there was no support in the walls. Also, it would not only protect the house but the people living inside it. I have included some pictures of houses that look like the houses in Woodsfield. This is a picture of a house being built, as you can see this house is made of wood.

Our climate during the summer is usually up to 90 degrees or above. It is very warm.
During the spring it cools down about around the 30s and 40s. You could play softball, ride bikes or even take walks in spring. In winter it can get really cold here. We wear mostly coats, gloves, sweatshirts and scarves. Fall is mostly in between warm and hot. The temperatures can go up to 50 and go as low as 30.
2. What activities do people do outdoors in your country?
In our country you can go to a nearby park and play basketball or swing on the swings. On some of the nice days you could take walks around town or toward the end of summer you could go cheer on our football team, the Woodsfield Redskins!!!
3. Do you have disasters in your country? What do people have to do if there is this kind of disaster?
Yes we do have disasters in our country during the spring sometimes. Mostly floods. People usually just clean up the mess the flood had made and rebuild. (Alanna)

One of my family’s traditional dishes is chili. One of the reasons it is a traditional dish because it was my great grandma’s favorite food so every Sunday we eat chili. Here is the recipe for it
You need
1 pound of ground beef
½ cup chopped onions
1 cans tomatoes
1can of kidney beans drained
½ teaspoon chili powder
1-teaspoon salt
You need to spray a skillet with nonstick cooking spray. Brown the ground beef with onions. And remaining ingredients. Cover the steamer for 2 minute’s, chili serves 6 people. For breakfast we eat pancakes. For lunch we eat pizza.For dinner we eat chili.(Kristen)

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