Wednesday, 23 January 2008


Hello! Thank you for dropping by my online classroom! This is the place I plan to post our research works and the works of our partner school. A signature up above I posted quite by chance, while designing this blog. I like its optimistic view. It remainds me sunny summer days.


Write about the climate in your country. What is the weather like in winter and in summer? Does it often rain or snow? In our country it is winter now. It is not very cold -15 degrees below zero. In December the days are very short. At 8 o'clock in the morning it is dark yet, and at 3 o'clock in the afternoon it is already dark.
Watch the slides about Egypt in winter. It is January, the temperature is +20 degrees. It is warm, you can swim in the sea. But the local people wear warm clothes, because it is winter. Only those strange foreigners can swim in the sea.
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Our pen pals from Rantasalo and Tuusmaki schools, Finland

Leena Mikkola from Finland sent very nice photos from Laplandia. Just imagine it is March and the snow is white as in January.


Why do you think traditional houses are like that? What are they built from? Why?

Old and new houses in Kortkerosski district


What clothes do people traditionally wear in your country? Why do they wear those clothes? What are they made from?

Komi Republic is situated in the North of Russia. Izhma is a district in the north of Komi Republic. The climate there is very severe. It is winter during 8 months. Traditional clothes are made to suit the climate and the traditional way of life. People there grow reindeer. Everything in their life depends on those animals. People build their houses and sew there clothes from reindeer’s skin.
In winter they wear a long coat called ‘malitsa’. It is made of reindeer’s skin and decorated with ornaments.
The girls’ malitsa is decorated with tiny bells on their sleeves
They wear hats made of fur. The hats have long ‘ears’. They are decorated with fur ornaments and copper chains or beads.
They wear ‘pimy’ (high boots made of reindeer skin). Men’s pimy are usually tied up under the knees.


What is traditional food in your country? Why do they eat that food? What vegetables do they grow? Do you know any recipies?


The climate can make a lot of problems: hurricanes, floods, droughts, avalanches.Do you have disasters like these in your country? What do people have to do if there is that disaster?
Flood in Syktyvkar

Our environment

Our climate is changing all the time. People also influence on the climate. Planes cause pollution and tremendous heat which affects the environment. Deforestation in many parts od the world affects the production of oxygen and the climate. There are many other problems that affect how we live, plants and animal life, and so on. Do you have any environmental problems in your country?