Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Our answer to Belarus

Our museum
In Kortkeros there is the Historical museum. Every day there are excursions there. People come to the museum not only from Kortkeros but also from Syktyvkar.
There are 4 halls in the museum.
The first hall is devoted to the legend about Kort Aika. In the middle of the wall there is a picture “The meeting of Stephan Permski and Kort Aika”. Kort Aika (Iron Man) was a robber who settled on the bank of the river Vychegda. He robbed and killed people. He took a big iron chain and partitioned the river. The boats couldn’t move and people had to give their money or goods to Kort Aika. He was the first blacksmith in our places. All his clothes, dished, tools and even his house were made from iron. Other people say that he was a wizard. He was the enemy of Stephan Permski who baptized people.
There is iron near Kortkeros, people made different tools from it. There are many old things in the hall. There is a tomb slab from iron that was made in 1893.
There is also a picture of Kortkeros that was made in June 1911 before the great fire. A little boy aged 6 played with matches and the fire began. All grown-ups were in the fields. They made hay. It was a strong wind that day and soon many houses were in fire. The shop of a rich merchant was on the bank of the river. He sold gunpowder to the hunters. Gunpowder exploded and the roof of his house went up to the sky and then fell on the other side of the river.

In the second hall one can see clothes and tools of the hunters. In old times people who lived here were fishermen and hunters. They wore special clothes which protected them from cold in winter and rain in autumn. They went hunting far into the forest and couldn’t return home when the night came. So they slept in special huts made in taiga (a thick forest). In the huts there always was firewood, matches and something to eat to anybody who lost his way in the forest. Every hunter had his own area where he could hunt. There stood his hut made of logs to protect him from wild animals: bears and wolves. There was a special hut on legs so that animals couldn’t come into it and spoil his provisions and game. Every family had their special “pas” (a sign that showed who was the owner).
In this hall there is also a weaving loom. In those times people grew flax. They made linen cloth. In winter women made clothes and embroidered special ornaments.
(Olya I., Olya R.)

The third hall is made as a room of a teacher who lived in the 19th century. In the right corner of the room there are icons. In middle of the room there is a table with a samovar. At the window there is a wooden bench. To the left of the table there is a piano. To the right of the table there is a cupboard. There is also a sewing –machine “Zinger”. It was a main part of dowry of a girl.
In this room there is also an old school desk with the deepening for the ink and pens. (Tanya)

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