Sunday, 5 October 2008

Finland. September 2008

Finland. Old and modern . Towns and forests. And lakes...

And here we are: Svetlana, Maria, Elena, Tatiana


In Rantasalmi we exchanged our project works: Finnish toy seal called Toivo went to Kortkeros and Komi doll Masha stayed in Finland. During the school year they will "write" about their life far from their Motherland.


In September we made a project "A view from my school window". The students described the school yard near their schools and then they exchanged their works. The next stage: they read the descriptions from their parther school and drew pictures. And here in Tuusmaki we compared pictures and photoes. Our students are real detectives, they could draw nice pictures not seeing real places.

Warm meetings in Finland

We have met so many nice and friendly people here in Finland.All the way back we spoke about those wonderful days in Rantasalmi, Tuusmaki and Puumala, about the songs we sang together, about those splendid evenings near the lakes and of course about people. We miss you Leena, Helena, Hanna, Meria,Mariaana, Erki, Anneli, Esko, Natalia, Marketta excuse me if I forgot to write your name
Here is a small present to all our new friends - a song "Moscow Evenings". You can find a link on a sidebar


Here in Puumala a Finnish toy seal went to Vorkuta and a yellow rabbit from Kortkeros stayed in Finland. The rabbit got her new name here in Puumala. Now she is called Lemon.