Wednesday, 23 January 2008


What clothes do people traditionally wear in your country? Why do they wear those clothes? What are they made from?

Komi Republic is situated in the North of Russia. Izhma is a district in the north of Komi Republic. The climate there is very severe. It is winter during 8 months. Traditional clothes are made to suit the climate and the traditional way of life. People there grow reindeer. Everything in their life depends on those animals. People build their houses and sew there clothes from reindeer’s skin.
In winter they wear a long coat called ‘malitsa’. It is made of reindeer’s skin and decorated with ornaments.
The girls’ malitsa is decorated with tiny bells on their sleeves
They wear hats made of fur. The hats have long ‘ears’. They are decorated with fur ornaments and copper chains or beads.
They wear ‘pimy’ (high boots made of reindeer skin). Men’s pimy are usually tied up under the knees.

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