Wednesday, 23 January 2008


Write about the climate in your country. What is the weather like in winter and in summer? Does it often rain or snow? In our country it is winter now. It is not very cold -15 degrees below zero. In December the days are very short. At 8 o'clock in the morning it is dark yet, and at 3 o'clock in the afternoon it is already dark.
Watch the slides about Egypt in winter. It is January, the temperature is +20 degrees. It is warm, you can swim in the sea. But the local people wear warm clothes, because it is winter. Only those strange foreigners can swim in the sea.
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Our pen pals from Rantasalo and Tuusmaki schools, Finland

Leena Mikkola from Finland sent very nice photos from Laplandia. Just imagine it is March and the snow is white as in January.


Angela said...

Hello Tatiana,

What a wonderful blog!!! How did you make that beautiful flower?

Well, about the climate. I live in Brazil, so it's basically always very hot, except for a few weeks in May or June. And it rains a lot in January. But I like it because I feel so cold. I love hot weather.

Hugs from Brazil,


Jane said...

And I live in Canada where it's always least it seems like it now. It was -20C today, but bright and sunny which is often the case when it's cold. Although I would prefer to be in the tropics right now, the purple/blue shadows that the sun casts on the snow are really beautiful.


TN said...

I quite agree with you. Our nature is very beautiful in winter with its sparkling snow on the trees, but I would also prefer to be somewhere under the hot sun. I think it is because we have too little sunny weather. It is always night.