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Learning Circle: September-January Session

Our answer for Iran

Komi Republic

The republic is situated to the west of the Ural mountains, in the north-east of the East European Plain. Forests cover over 70% of the territory and swamps cover approximately 15%.
Area: 415,900 km² (160,600 sq mi)
Nenets Autonomous Okrug (NW/N), Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (NE/E), Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug (E), Sverdlovsk Oblast (SE), Perm Krai (S), Kirov Oblast (S/SW), Arkhangelsk Oblast (W).
Highest point:
Mount Narodnaya (1,894 m)
Maximum N→S distance: 785 kilometers (488 mi)
Maximum E→W distance: 695 kilometers (432 mi

The republic's natural resources include
coal, oil, natural gas, gold, diamonds, and more.
Around 32,800 km² of mostly
boreal forest (as well as some alpine tundra and meadows) in the Republic's Northern Ural Mountains have been recognized in 1995 as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Virgin Komi Forests. It is the first natural UNESCO World Heritage site in Russia and the largest expanse of virgin forests in Europe. The site includes two pre-exiting protected areas: Pechora-Ilych Nature Reserve (created in 1930) and Yugyd Va National Park (created in 1994).
Winters in the republic are long and cold, and the summers, while short, are quite warm.

Our Answer for Oman


Kortkeros in Komi language means “iron hill”. Komi language is our national language. Around Kortkeros there are many geographical names, which contain “iron” in them. They say, in old times people extracted iron here. There is a legend about Kort-Aika (“iron men”). They say, he was the first inhabitant of the village. He was a blacksmith and made everything from iron. He was a sorcerer and people feared him. ( Kristina and Natasha)

We live in the north of our country. Kortkeros is located in the south of Komi Republic. Kortkeros is the district centre. The population of our village is 6.000 people. In our district there are 60 villages. Some of them are big, some of them are small. The territory of our district is 19, 7 thou km 2. Kortkeros is located in 44 km from Syktyvkar, the capital of Komi Republic. ( Alisa and P Oksana)

Kortkerosski district is a rural settlement. There for there is not very much work. Mainly people work in agriculture. They grow potatoes, cucumbers, cabbages, carrots. They breed cows, pigs, chickens. Other people work in the forest. They chop down there trees. ( Nikita and Artem)

In our village there is a school. Children study here from to 7-18 years. There are 639 pupils in our school. Some pupils leave school after 9th grade and enter a college. Other pupils finish the 11th class and enter a higher educational institution. In Syktyvkar there are many institutes, a universitie, colleges. ( Anna and Ekaterina)

Our village appeared in 1608. This year we celebrate its 400th anniversary. The celebration took place in different parts of the village. Near the cinema there was a rock concert .On the stadium there were different workshops. It was very hot on this day. A lot of people went to the beach. A large concert began in the evening. Just after the concert in the early morning there was a firework and a disco. (Ivan and Andrew)

Our answer for Korolyov, Russia

What kind of teen problems do you have?
Some teenagers try to reject everything, to rebel against older generation. That’s why there are many groupings that have interest different from those of the mainstream culture.
A few years ago alcohol, fights, murders and other kinds of violence were more problems for adults than for young people.
But how as official reports admit, violence, ALDS, drugs and alcohol are more associated with youngsters. The government surveys show that every fifth teenagers who was arrested for criminal action was younger than 14 and could not be sent to prison. Almost half of teenagers have an experience with drugs, alcohol and sex under age of 16. Many teenagers get upset and even depressed when they are not able to solve their problems. As a result more and more young people believe that there is only one way out - to stop living and commit suicide. Recent surveys show than the number of suicides has grown in our republic, too. They admit that during the war in Afghanistan our republic lost 80 young men and during the recent years 150 young people committed suicide.
Nowadays both adults and teenagers face more and more social problems. And more and more problems are associated with being young. (Alisa)

What do you do in your free time?
I play mini-football. I like it very much. We often go to the competitions. There we play with other teams. (Artyom)
When I have free time I listen to music. I like Doom. My favorite group is Animal Gaz. My favorite song is Three Stripes. I wish they come to Syktyvkar. (Oksana)
When I have free time I walk with my friends. My friends call me to walk on weekends. We walk till 9 p.m. When we go for walks, we sometimes go to the cinema. But when it is cold in the street, I stay at home. (Alisa)
I like playing computer games. My favorite game is GTA San-Andreas. I buy new games very often. But more frequently I take them from friends. I play for 3 hours a day. (Andrey)
In my free time I like to read books. I enjoy reading. I learn much from books. I read books in astronomy, philosophy and academic sciences.(Anna)
I have been doing weight lifting for two years. I go on training 3 times a week. I take part in district and Republic competitions. The competitions start in autumn and finish in spring. We always take the first places. (Pavel)

I like to watch TV. My favorite channel is Sport. There are programs about football. Sometimes I watch hockey matches. (Aleksey)
I like sport. My favorite spot is basketball. I enjoy playing basketball. We often play with other teams from different schools. (Ivan)

How much time do you spend with your families?
My family and I like holidays. We like New Years Day. In the afternoon Mother prepares tasty food. I decorate the New Year tree. The day is good. (Katya)
Each summer we go somewhere. Most of all I like to rest in Adler. There it is a very beautiful nature and it is very warm. In Adler there are a lot of tourists. We always have a good time there. (Artem)
My family and I like going to our summer cottage every summer. There we work in our vegetable garden. Sometimes our relatives visit us there and we do barbe cuing. And have a good rest. (Ivan)
My family and I like to go on barbecuing. We go to the river. I make fire. We listen to music, dance and swim. (Andrew)
In summer, my family and I like going to the beach. On the beach we lie in the sun and get sunburn and swim in the river. Usually we go to the beach in the morning or in the evening. Sometime we organize picnics on the beach. (Aleksey)
My family and I like New Years Day. This is our favorite holiday. We decorate a fir-tree. We make presents. I like New Year fireworks. (Oksana)
My family and I like to go somewhere on holidays. We like to go the seaside. There we rest for two weeks. First we lie in the sun and swim or we simply walk. These are my happiest time. (Alisa)
Every summer my family goes somewhere to have a rest. This year I went to Ukraine. My grandmother lives there. She lives in Kovel. It is a beautiful town. Its population is 100.000 people. (Nikita)
I have a good time with my family. We often go for picnics. We f go together to concerts to Syktyvkar. I like to spend my time with me family. I learn a great deal from them. I like my family, it is very friendly. ( Ksenya)
My family and I like family holidays. My parents organize my and my sister’s birthdays. I help mother to prepare dinner. After, I call my friends. We enjoy ourselves and spend our time very well. ( Anna)

What is your most popular way of communication?
There 12 students in our group:
ICQ -5
Skype -1
QIP -5
Jimm -4
Smape -4
Youth organizations
Some of our teenagers join “Molodaya Gvardia”. They take part in voluntary work, organize different concerts.

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